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Secretly, I’m a summer girl. Even though I hate bathing suits. I love the long flowing summer sun dresses and flowers in my hair and walks by the water side.

The Gifts

I picked up this 1L hair on the marketplace (it comes with the pretty flower headband). And then went to Baci shop to hunt down the Midsummer Nights Dream Dress you see in the picture for only 2L. Hurry if you want it… today is the last day.

The dress comes in:

  • eBody
  • Maitreya
  • Physique & Hourglass
  • Freya, Isis, and Venus

On Astrid:

Hair: Dark Cat HH Hair Chiara – 1L on the Marketplace

Dress: Baci Midsummer Dress – 2L for the Midsummer Nights Dream Hunt

Picture Location: The Trace Too

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Spring preferred

Spring preferred

It’s already summer, but if I’m really honest I prefer spring. I’m not someone that is a fan of going to those crowded beaches to get a tan. If anything, with my pale skin I will probably burn within 1.2 seconds.

I prefer to take a walk in the forest, where it’s nice and cool in the shade of the trees. The sim I took a picture at made it feel like I was in a forest in spring time when all the flowers are blooming, surrounded by bees and butterflies.

This dress I found from {Acios} and this adorable crown and bracelets from !IT! seemed like good match for the background. This dress will also perfectly work in a medieval setting, for the roleplayers amongst us.



Dress: {Acios} Katy Dress ~black~ – Free group gift (Group is free to join)
Necklace: L.I.C Return To LIC Choker – Free group gift (Group is free to join)
Flower crown: !IT! – Lilac Passion – Free SLF&O gift (Group is free to join)
Bracelets: !IT! – Wrapped Up Bracelets – Free SLF&O gift (Group is free to join)

Pose: . MILA . poses // gifts 2018 – 1L at the SL Marketplace

Picture location: Ren Faire – Spring Woods

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Against the Flow

Against the Flow

Sometimes you just have to swim against the flow…

Happy Friday!

On Astrid:

Hair: Exile Calm Seas – 50L for 50L Friday

Shirt: Barbed Wire Kisses Zeopra Tube Top – Free for the Hunt for Your Inner Slut Hunt

Skirt: Moon Elixir – FLF Serena Onyx Flame – 50L for 50L Friday

Shoes: Empire – Chives – 50L for 50L Friday

BackDrop: Joplino Backdrop Against the Flow – Free Subscriber Gift for June

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Ladies and thieves

Ladies and thieves

We found ourselves back in the medieval times again and when I saw Peggy’s beautiful dress and all that jewelry she was wearing, I went back to the roots of my favorite roleplay character. Sure, he is now the Alpha of his own pack (yes, he is a werewolf), but back when he was younger he used to be a bandit, a thief…

So while my friend was looking fancy, I found myself the perfect medieval outlaw outfit for only 1L on the marketplace to perfectly blend into the background of the forest. I had to sneak through the bushes after all to take my share of all that wealth, because all I got was this dirty knife!

How it ended? I’d rather not tell… Let’s just say it’s unwise to sneak after ladies in the dark forest and one of us might have ended up with a black eye. No, it’s not Peggy…..


On Peggy:

Dress & necklace: **Brii Underground**  Julieta Victorian Style Complete Outfit –
2L for A Midsummer Night’s Dream hunt
Headchain & Earrings: [Footpaw Industries] Redeux Gift – Free gift for Redeux event
(the set comes with a necklace and a nose ring as well)

Pose: Imaginarium Poses – Lady of Payne by – Free at the SL Marketplace

On Damian:
Outfit: C&N Medieval set Fantasy Outlaw – 1L on the SL Marketplace
Knife: [COD] Hunter Knife – 1L on the SL Marketplace

Picture location: Tagus Enchanted Forest

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Strategically Sexy

Strategically Sexy

One of my favorite hunts is the “Hunt for your Inner Slut” Hunt. Not only do I love hunting down that iconic golden … ahem… symbol… but the free prizes are just amazing. For instance, how sexy is this plastic see through dress that attaches by rings to the errrm…. nips. Ah yes… I had to find a strategic pose to cover those up *winks* But whatever works. You get the idea. And wow… this is a knock out dress that will make your date hot for you in an instant! It comes in all the major mesh body sizes so don’t miss out!

I paired it with a sexy free group gift body tattoo from the same store. Then ran over to KoKoLoReS for their June group gift hair. Hurry before it’s too late to grab the June group gift at this great hair store!

On Astrid:

Hair: KoKoLoReS Rhisa – Free Group Gift/Group is 250L to Join

Tattoo: WitchCraft PU Lin Tattoo – Free Maitreya Gifts Sales & New Group Gift/Group is Free to Join

Dress: WitchCraft Lucrezia Dress – Free for the Hunt for your Inner Slut Hunt

Picture Location: Elysion (Group Fee Required for Entry)

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On safari

On safari, doing it wrong

Leave it up to me to go after the kinky gifts and weird hunt items. Even if you are not into that, at times there are prizes that are nice and completely wearable at for example, a nice day at the beach. Or in this case, on safari between the hippos and giraffes. Don’t try this in RL folks… I heard hippos are omnivores and they will eat you. (Or maybe I should not have watched the movie Jumanji…)

I found this lovely bikini that was completely free for the Hunt Your Inner Sl*t hunt at American Hunni. It come with a separate hud for both the top and bottom, with 4 fun textures so you can mix an match. All you have to do is find Mr. Happy… a golden adult toy… Have fun seeking that one out!

This hair from Nyne was completely free as well, coming with a hud to color it as you wish and the necklace can be found at the SL15B event.


Hair: [NYNE] Hair ‘Teni’ – Free group gift (Group is free to join)
Bikini: {American Hunni} Nicole Bikini – Free HYIS hunt gift
Necklace: *YS&YS* Rodi Necklace SL15B – Free SL15B event gift
Nails: !White Rabbit Nails – Summer luv – Fatpack – Free HYIS hunt gift

Pose: .::Nanika::. Summer heat Bento Pose GIFT – 1L at the SL Marketplace

Picture Location: Devins Eye

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Darn you, seagulls

So, I just found this new coat from AITUI and then I discovered a nice sim that I wanted to check out. It looked like a perfect place to take a picture, but then this happened. Were those birds aiming for me on purpose?!

Either way, the jacket comes sized for Slink, TMP and Signature. I have the Belleza Jake body myself and with some alphas added it works just fine in my opinion. So hooray, another jacket to add to my collection for upcoming winter! The sunglasses were a gift from A&D and those will be nice for the summer.

Next time I might try to avoid places with a lot of seagulls though…


Sunglasses: A&D GIFT Glasses -TopGun- DARK [151120U] – Free group gift (Group free to join)
Jacket: AITUI – Late Night Coat – Coffee – Free group gift (Group free to join)

-[CL]- Marc Poses – Free gift at the Men’s Hipster Event

Picture location: Soul2Soul Falls

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Siren Song


Sirens are not mermaids… yet the walk the line between water and land, being able to both have fins and legs. I found this free dress at Barbed Wire Kisses as part of the Siren Song Hunt and imagined that it would definitely be something that a Siren would wear if she were on land. At least for a time…

I was at the same store and found a little Balloon that I was able to buy for free as part of the Anything Goes Hunt and discovered that it had matching shoes inside, because who says a Siren has to go barefoot.

And just for some thinking… How are Siren’t Different from Mermaids? Here is some perspective:

On Astrid:

Dress: Barbed Wire Kisses Sera Dress in Purple – Free for the Siren Song Hunt

Shoes: Barbed Wire Kisses AYBH Voran Shoes – Free for the Anything Goes Hunt

Picture Location: Soul2Soul

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Stay out of the water

Stay out of the water

Today I went to a nice place and decided to feed the crocodiles. I don’t think people were very happy with that, but hey, they deserve some treats at times too! And for some reason it reminded me of something: a place to shop for people who like the scary things.

I randomly remembered a store that I visited way back. It must have been years ago, but when I went to see if they were still in business, I was happy to see that yes, they are still there.

If your taste is a little darker and you smile at the image of a cute little bunny rabbit gnawing on a human skull, Corvus is the place for you! They have several free group gifts out at the back of the store.



Hair: Corvus : Leah Hair Blond/Black with Streaks – Free Third Life gift (Group 10L to join)
Shirt: Corvus : Evil Bunny Tank – Free group gift (Group free to join)
Jeans: !Auralia :: Amaze Girl Printed Jeans Grey – 1L on the SL Markerplace
Choker: VOBE – Cross Choker (VIP GIFT) – Free gift at the XXX Original Event (Group free to join)

Pose: .::Crystal Poses::. Sincgle //2 – Free HASHTAG event gift

Picture location: San Monique

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Dressing Room

Dressing Room

As a little girl I always loved to play dress up.

Thankfully, one of my favorite shops lets me do that on a monthly basis. For just 100L as their group fee, Glitterati by Sapphire puts out an amazing group gift, AND gives you access to all the past group gifts for several years. There are at least over 100 gifts by now for that one small fee. And they are all gorgeous. In addition to the group gift, there is also a promotion that runs with the gift. This month you could buy matching heels for just 55L if you wanted.

This month’s dress includes Omega appliers and a lovely flexi skirt for beautiful flow around the legs. You’ll also get a jeweled flower for your neckline.

On Astrid:

Dress: Glitterati Group Gift June – Free Group Gift (Group is 100L to Join)

Hair: Lamb Dissolved Girl – Free Group Gift (Group is Free to Join)

Shoes: Pure Poison Sha Pumps – Free Group Gift (Group is Free to Join)

Picture Location: Soul2Soul