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It’s no secret that for just 350L you can join the Truth VIP group and get an amazing new hair once per month. The May group gift, Fiji, with it’s stylist hud and detachable unrigged adjustable colorchange lily flower accessory was well worth the wait. It put me in a fanciful mood and made me decide to give my avatar a make over.

A fancy new skin from The Plastik and then a stop by Silvan Moon to pick up the new Montly group gift there and I had a fairy-tale look fit for any fantasy. I’ve taken a long break from roleplay but I’ve been thinking about heading back. It’s been a while since my sidhe went on adventures… this new look just might inspire me.

Gift Details…

Hair: Truth VIP Gift – Fiji (Group is 350L to Join)
Dress: Silvan Moon Designs: Peaches and Cream Dress Set Spearmint (Group is 500L to Join)

Picture Location: Cythera


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