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I once visited Chicago. It was a pretty special trip. Sort of those once in a lifetime things. I packed carefully… fancy dresses, high heels, and an expensive pair of sunglasses. I only packed one pair of blue jeans for that trip because I knew I wouldn’t be needing comfortable clothes. I was going on a trip I knew I would never forget… a trip that was all about glamour and a world outside my own.

I remember finding out that if you slip the host extra money, you don’t have to have reservations… even if the restaurant claims that you do. I remember learning that if you have a special key in the right hotel… there are secret upper floors that take you to the penthouse. And that they hold parties up there sometimes for VIPs. I remember the food… little shrimps in martini glasses, olives settled upon squares of cheeses I didn’t know the names of, caviar and patte with fancy crackers, fine wines and champagne.

I wore a black dress of course, with the back cut out. And I was probably the only woman there wearing black lipstick. I was easily the youngest woman there among the crowd. It was a host of executives and their dates, and I stood out with my long hair in curls piled up on my head and my tattoos and my fancy sunglasses. I’ll never forget the couple who came up to me and my date and began chatting as if we were all old friends and asked me what I did. And my date told her I was a writer. It was mostly true.

These free gifts on Astrid remind me of that glamorous night… one I’ll never forget. Glittering and golden and filled with dreams. A night to be savored like the wine that I sipped from a crystal glass with my date that night.


On Astrid:

Glasses: [Since 1975] June Gift Makto Eyewear & Hud – Free Subscriber Gift

Lipstick: The Little Bat Morgan Lips – Free Midnight Mania Board/No Group Required
– comes in Lelutka and Omega

Necklace: The Little Bat Penny Necklace w/Hud – Free Midnight Mania Board/No Group Required
– comes with a colorchange hud

Pose: Artis Photography and Poses Aerial Portrait Gift Pose 2 – 1L on the Marketplace

Backdrop Texture: Timeless Textures Seamless Lagoon Reef Textures – Free Gift at Reduex


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A heads up

A heads up

The past two weeks [AK Deluxe] had a free Deluxe Bento head out as anniversary group gift for the ladies. Guess what? From now on until the 1st of July a male head will be out as a group gift!! You will only have to pay 150L to join the group and then you are able to pick it up for free.

It comes with a body skin appliers for the Belleza Jake, Signature and Slink, so no need to buy a separate skin for that, which is great! It comes with tons of options to adjust your looks to your preference and also a lot of fun expressions and facial animations to show everyone in what kind of mood you are in today! I’d say, pick it up now you still can!!

I’m also showing off this awesome free shirt from = REBELLION =, one of my favorite shops. They also have a whole bunch of leather bracelets out for free, so it’s certainly worth checking it out.


Head: [AK Deluxe] Men – Leon Bento Head – Free group gift (150L to join group)
Shirt: = REBELLION = GROUP GIFT TEE – Free group gift – (Group free to join)
Bracelet left: = REBELLION = LEATHER CROSS-WRAPPED BRACELET – Free group gift – (Group free to join)
Bracelet right: = REBELLION = INTERLACED LEATHER BRACELET – Free group gift – (Group free to join)
Nose piercing: ::OOPS:: Septum Piercing – Free gift at the XXX Original Event (Group free to join)

Pose: KZ poses – Stand Up – Male pose – Bento – 50L inworld or at the SL Marketplace

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