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Repairs Needed…

Repairs Needed!

My old jalopy needs more than a few repairs. I was under the hood and dropped a wrench. Thankfully my glasses saved my eyes! But my glasses are definitely worse for wear…

Oh hey! If you haven’t taken the plunge to SLB15, it’s time to bust your way in. I picked up a couple of cute, cute gifts I had to share.

Truth is giving away this gorgeous pigtail style hair in a fatpack (it comes with or without bangs and includes a facemask with a color change hud as well). Plus they have several beautiful styles out for 50% off.

Nearby is AppleMay and their gift is the broken nerd glasses… I couldn’t resist putting them on to show them off. Repairs needed! Ha!

Enjoy the event 🙂

On Astrid:

Hair: Truth Kyoko SL15B – Free Gift

Glasses: AMD Broken Geek Glasses Gift – Free Gift at SL15B

Picture Location: Excalibur Serendipity