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Peep Show

Peep Show

I remember circuses as a kid. They always frightened me. Especially the clowns. Of course, circuses of my time were never the circuses of early days, thankfully. I found a little sim with a Peep Show tent in disrepair and it reminded me of those strange and scary old days… and the little mannequin that reached out to try to grab me as I took a picture was no help at all!

I picked up my shirt and jacket combo at Crom for just 10L! It’s a special promotion on right now as well as several other promos on the new release wall. You may just want them all! This shirt comes in fits for Maitreya, Belleza, and Slink. I love the purple pattern and the built in tube top.

I paired my shirt with a free skirt from SL15B that Damian helped me find. It was just a hop, skip and a jump over from the Blueberry booth where you can get a 500L credit toward purchases (woot for that!). This skirt, made by byCrash is full perm and comes in a variety of mesh body sizes including Maitreya.

In another nearby booth was Vanity Hair. I pick up my free hairstyle there. It comes with a four color hud for blonde, black, brown and red colors. It’s nice for something retro or dressy, depending on your mood.

Another booth down, and I picked up the Elle Boutique color change earring gift that is free for SL15B. These pretty earrings come with a hud to change the gems as well as the metal.

I also hit up the Good Vibes Fair, and with Damian’s help, scouted out the free necklace by Vanilla Bae. Woot! It’s so pretty, and doesn’t even require a group. Just by it for free. It’s rigged for different mesh bodies for a perfect fit.

On Astrid:

Shirt: Crom Shelena Purple – 10L promo at Crom Mainstore

Skirt: byCrash full perm mesh Leather mini skirt – Free at SL15B

Hair: Vanity Hair Gift Fall Ball – Free at SL15B

Necklace: Vanilla Bae Coco Necklace – Free at the Good Vibes Fair

Earrings: Elle Boutique Mia Earrings – Free at SL15B

Shoes: Pure Poison Sha Pumps ‚Äď Free Gacha Group Gift (Group is Free to Join)

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Repairs Needed…

Repairs Needed!

My old jalopy needs more than a few repairs. I was under the hood and dropped a wrench. Thankfully my glasses saved my eyes! But my glasses are definitely worse for wear…

Oh hey! If you haven’t taken the plunge to SLB15, it’s time to bust your way in. I picked up a couple of cute, cute gifts I had to share.

Truth is giving away this gorgeous pigtail style hair in a fatpack (it comes with or without bangs and includes a facemask with a color change hud as well). Plus they have several beautiful styles out for 50% off.

Nearby is AppleMay and their gift is the broken nerd glasses… I couldn’t resist putting them on to show them off. Repairs needed! Ha!

Enjoy the event ūüôā

On Astrid:

Hair: Truth Kyoko SL15B – Free Gift

Glasses: AMD Broken Geek Glasses Gift – Free Gift at SL15B

Picture Location: Excalibur Serendipity

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A little bit of soul

A little bit of soul

I was going to show some more male gifts, but then I ran into this free dress from {ViSion} and I had to show that first. You can join their free group and this dress with be completely free to pick up. They also have a VIP group that you can join for 250L and then there will we a whole more gifts waiting for you!

How I found them? I got lost at the SL15B Event, SL’s birthday (don’t ask me how I managed to get in, it’s spread over 4 sims and it’s insanely crowded so I have no idea) and then I picked up the gift at their shop. Instead of a freebie, you get a 200L giftcard and so you can shop around for yourself. At the event they even have a special 50% off sale, so that is also very interesting to check out.

Getting lost at events is what I do best, so I also ended up at the stand for Mina Hair and they had something nice for free that I’m showing off on my avie as well. And I also found these free rings from ROZOREGALIA¬†that also come in a male version for Signature. So yes, it’s a good place to go if you are looking for little treasures. I will probably be showing more soon, since there is a LOT.

Have fun! Just… wait until I got in to pick up the rest of the gifts because the regions keep on being full!! I’m kidding ‚ô• ūüėÄ


Hair: MINA – Hannah – Essentials – Free gift at the SL15B Event
Dress: {ViSion} //Annie Dress – Free Group gift (Group free to join)
Necklace: ::ALTER:: Sense Necklace / Infinite love (Gold) – Free at the Sense event (Group free to join)
Rings: ROZOREGALIA_VIGRO*RING_Maitreya_BOX – Free gift at the SL15B Event
Nails:¬†{ZOZ} Gift – Daisy Trio II –¬†Free gift at the SL15B Event

Pose: .::Crystal Poses::. Single //1 – Free gift at the XXX Original Event (Group free too join)

Picture location: A Little Bit Of Soul

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Scream and Shout


Sometimes you just want to SCREAM! Yeah! That’s why I love this cool mini shirt gift I found at Damour. It’s a gift free from the Gentlemen Designer group but it’s unisex as you get appliers for Maitreya, Belleza, and Omega. If you go to Damour Designs, go to the group gift wall. Click the Gentlemen Designer group square. You’ll get an invite to the group. Join for free. Click again, you’ll get the free gift! A bit tricky to find, but well worth it.

If you’re not a member of 1L for 1Hour group… why not? It’s a great way to snag up some steals! Copy and paste secondlife:///app/group/443636a5-0d9f-1455-e459-3367facadfc6/about into chat and join the group. You’ll catch 1L deals that only last an hour. That’s how I found the Damour shorts I’m wearing in the pic above. They come in several mesh sizes including a perfect Maitreya fit, and include a 10 color hud. These shorts aren’t out anymore, but I believe a new 1L deal is out atm!

If you love great jewelry, you probably love Maxi Gossamer. Be sure to pick up June’s free gift. I’m wearing the pretty pearl drop earrings and rings in the picture above. They resize and also come in either silver or gold. The group is free to join.

Be sure to stop by Pure Poison and pick up the newest group gift as well. This is another free to join group and this time it’s a gacha gift. You’ll get a great pair of color change heels…… but you won’t know what pair of heels you’re going to get until you spin the gacha with your group tag on! Good luck with your spin!


On Astrid:

Earrings & Rings: Maxi Gossamer Kirenna Teardrop Pearl Earrings and Rings – Free group gift (group is free to join)

Lipstick: The Little Bat Morgan Lips ‚Äď Free Midnight Mania Board/No Group Required
‚Äď comes in Lelutka and Omega

Shirt: Damour Mini Shirt and Shout AM Maitreya & Belleza II Omega – Free Gentlemen Designer Group Gift (Group is Free to Join)

Shorts: Damour Side Laced Shorts with 10 Color Hud – 1L for 1L for 1 Hour
– join the group here secondlife:///app/group/443636a5-0d9f-1455-e459-3367facadfc6/about – check the gift kiosk, I believe a new gift is out now

Shoes: Pure Poison Sha Pumps – Free Gacha Group Gift (Group is Free to Join)


Picture Location: Lyme

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Prouder and louder


Where I come from, people are generally proud of who they are and when they celebrate, it can be quite loud. The parades are colorful, people come from all over the country to the festivals, famous people show up and it’s aired on TV. It’s fun times and I’m actually proud of my nationality when I hear how it can be elsewhere in the world.

I was really happy to see how some of my favorite stores showed their support of the LGBT community and pride month and so I could not let this go by without showing off some more of those wonderful gifts.

The flag comes with both a male and female pose and it’s a free gift from ¬†{NANTRA}. The sexy from shirt Cubura¬†and shorts from¬†*Cheerno* seemed to be a good thing to wear on those hot summer days. And the cape¬†just makes you look like your own pride hero, so that just finishes the look I’d say.

And it might not seem like a big deal, but I personally know how much all of this support can mean to someone and how it just gives a little bit of hope and faith back in humanity. So to the creators to express their support, thank you. You are awesome.



Shirt:¬†Cubura PRIDE GIFT –¬†Free gift at the XXX Original Event (Group free to join)
Shorts: *Cheerno* S/S_18 Short РFree gift at the XXX Original Event (Group free to join)
Cape: RIOT / Pride Flag Capes Pack РFree groupgift (Group free to join)

Flag and pose: {NANTRA} Pride Gift РFree gift at Redeux (Group free to join)

Picture location: SSOC РRieri Town in Tokyo

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I once visited Chicago. It was a pretty special trip. Sort of those once in a lifetime things. I packed carefully… fancy dresses, high heels, and an expensive pair of sunglasses. I only packed one pair of blue jeans for that trip because I knew I wouldn’t be needing comfortable clothes. I was going on a trip I knew I would never forget… a trip that was all about glamour and a world outside my own.

I remember finding out that if you slip the host extra money, you don’t have to have reservations… even if the restaurant claims that you do. I remember learning that if you have a special key in the right hotel… there are secret upper floors that take you to the penthouse. And that they hold parties up there sometimes for VIPs. I remember the food… little shrimps in martini glasses, olives settled upon squares of cheeses I didn’t know the names of, caviar and patte with fancy crackers, fine wines and champagne.

I wore a black dress of course, with the back cut out. And I was probably the only woman there wearing black lipstick. I was easily the youngest woman there among the crowd. It was a host of executives and their dates, and I stood out with my long hair in curls piled up on my head and my tattoos and my fancy sunglasses. I’ll never forget the couple who came up to me and my date and began chatting as if we were all old friends and asked me what I did. And my date told her I was a writer. It was mostly true.

These free gifts on Astrid remind me of that glamorous night… one I’ll never forget. Glittering and golden and filled with dreams. A night to be savored like the wine that I sipped from a crystal glass with my date that night.


On Astrid:

Glasses: [Since 1975] June Gift Makto Eyewear & Hud – Free Subscriber Gift

Lipstick: The Little Bat Morgan Lips – Free Midnight Mania Board/No Group Required
– comes in Lelutka and Omega

Necklace: The Little Bat Penny Necklace w/Hud – Free Midnight Mania Board/No Group Required
– comes with a colorchange hud

Pose: Artis Photography and Poses Aerial Portrait Gift Pose 2 – 1L on the Marketplace

Backdrop Texture: Timeless Textures Seamless Lagoon Reef Textures – Free Gift at Reduex


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A heads up

A heads up

The past two weeks [AK Deluxe] had a free Deluxe Bento head out as anniversary group gift for the ladies. Guess what? From now on until the 1st of July a male head will be out as a group gift!! You will only have to pay 150L to join the group and then you are able to pick it up for free.

It comes with a body skin appliers for the Belleza Jake, Signature and Slink, so no need to buy a separate skin for that, which is great! It comes with tons of options to adjust your looks to your preference and also a lot of fun expressions and facial animations to show everyone in what kind of mood you are in today! I’d say, pick it up now you still can!!

I’m also showing off this awesome free shirt from = REBELLION =, one of my favorite shops. They also have a whole bunch of leather bracelets out for free, so it’s certainly worth checking it out.


Head: [AK Deluxe] Men – Leon Bento Head – Free group gift (150L to join group)
Shirt: = REBELLION = GROUP GIFT TEE – Free group gift – (Group free to join)
Bracelet left: = REBELLION = LEATHER CROSS-WRAPPED BRACELET –¬†Free group gift – (Group free to join)
Bracelet right: = REBELLION = INTERLACED LEATHER BRACELET РFree group gift Р(Group free to join)
Nose piercing: ::OOPS:: Septum Piercing – Free gift at the XXX Original Event (Group free to join)

Pose: KZ poses – Stand Up – Male pose – Bento – 50L inworld or at the SL Marketplace

Picture Location: Devine Corruption

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The hunter

The hunter

There was a time when I roleplayed pretty much every single day. I had only just learned how to roleplay when I found this sim where I felt at home and met a lot of awesome people. Recently I have been trying to get into it again, having my character come back to his homeland and continue his adventures together with his friends.

Back in the day it was hard for me to find nice medieval outfits for men that didn’t cost too much, so I wanted to share this ranger outfit from COVETED! that I found for free at¬†Redeux. And of course I also had to show off this gift from Noble Creations¬†which might look really good in your medieval dungeons.



Outfit: COVETED! Sylvan Ranger for Men – Free gift at Redeux (Group free to join)

Candelabrum: [NC] РWood Candelabrum РFree gift at Redeux (Group free to join)

Pose: *!R.O!* Hunter BENTO Pose w/ Mesh Bow & Arrow Р50L at the SL Marketplace and instore.

Picture location: Revenland

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No Rest for the Wicked

No Rest for the Wicked

After a long day of running away from mythical beasts… sometimes a girl just has to stop and take a rest… though generally, as they say, there is “no rest” for the wicked! (Thus this great pose for just 1L called No rest! Pick it up off the Marketplace Ha!)

Like Damian, I visited Redeux and picked up all the free gifts I could find. I love On a Lark and nabbed their gift the minute I saw it. I knew I had to show it off, even if it … showed off some boobage. So I had to be clever in how I delivered my picture. Thus my pose ūüėČ Sorry you’re missing out on the one sided coverage of this lovely camisk! It’s perfect for risky medieval or Gorean roleplay, however!

I added chains from Beyond the Mists (their free gift at their booth) and I was ready to go! OH and the 50L Friday item is still out at Pure Poison. It comes with a set of gorgeous colorchange heels as well as a set of anklets. I’m only showing off the anklets (who wears heels for medieval roleplay anyway?) But grab these before they disappear as they are GORGEOUS!

On Astrid:

Dress: On a Lark Drew Batik for Maitreya – FREE at Redeux

Chains around neck and waist: Beyond the Mists Gift Ring Chain for Maitreya – FREE at Redeux

Anklets: Pure Poison Farah Sandals & Bracelts (Heels not shown) – 50L for 50L Friday

Pose: KOPFKINO No Rest Bento Gift Pose – 1L on the Marketplace

Picture Location: Elven Forest

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Dark passion

Today I was in the mood for something a little darker. I had been to Redeux and as I was browsing through all the gifts, I listened to some very loud symphonic metal. Certain items caught my attention, as they fit whatever mood I was experiencing.

I kind of fell in love with the headpiece from Poet’s Heart that you wear as you wish. Only want the horns? No problem, they included several options so everyone can wear it as they like. The interesting piece attached to her back is by +Fallen Gods Inc.+. It is some kind of steampunk clock mechanism and the gears are animated, which I think is pretty awesome.

To add some light in the darkness, I used these beautiful lamps from Spyralle in the background.



Hair:¬†MINA Hair – Sharon –¬† Free VIP group gift (200L fee to join group)
Headpiece: Poet’s Heart – Sister Nightfall Headpiece¬†– Free at Redeux (Group free to join)
Top: BouBouKi Niki Top Black РFree at Redeux (Group free to join)
Choker: [EvelineInTheBox] Sarah Choker РFree at Redeux (Group free to join)
Bracers: [Stargazer Creations] Erdra Gift (Maitreya Only) РFree at Redeux (Group free to join)
Wings: +Fallen Gods Inc.+ A Fallen Clockwork Aid – Free at Redeux (Group free to join)

Background: +Dreamcatcher+ Backdrop Gift / Imaginarium РFree gift at the Imaginarium event (Group free to join)
Pouffe+pose: .:BoD:. Dark Wonderland Pouffe – Free gift at The Darkness Chamber Fair – Gothic In Wonderland
Lamps: Spyralle Korean Lamp – Bronze Chrysanthemum –¬†Free at Redeux (Group free to join)