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On the road

On the road

Sometimes I think it would be nice to just get away from it all, take my car and hit the road, not looking back. But then again, I would miss my cats too much, so that is not happening. Thankfully there is SL and hunts that will have you traveling around the grid. And the best part? Well the dollarbies of course!

At times it’s hard to find nice free or cheap stuff for men, but I have been trying extra hard to find those treasures and there are a few on the way.

This time I am showing you a shirt from -HORR- and a bracelet from Firelight Creations. Both of them will only cost you 1L and all you have to do is find the air balloon that they have been hiding in the store. The shirt comes in blue and the bracelet comes with a color hud so you can match it with whatever you choose to wear.

Have fun and keep on hunting.



Shirt: -HORR- ATG Summit Shirt – 1L hunt gift – Around The Grid In 80 Days 6 Hunt
Bracelet: {FC} Marley Bracelet – 1L hunt gift – Around The Grid In 80 Days 6 Hunt

Pose: Hauschen – GIFT Pose Male 2 – 3L on the SL Marketplace

Picture location: Mother Road – Mirage Motel 66