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She found me!

She found me

I still remember that back in the day when I still went to school, I absolutely hated gym class… I was always the last one to be picked for any team and I had this amazing talent of unintentionally stopping the ball with my face. If it were up to me I would have been hiding in a dumpster to get away from it, but there are always from those people that will rat you out… and that is exactly what my friend here did after she found me!

I probably need a shower and ruined my new jacket from Fire Within. It is a free prize for the Dumpster Diving hunt (that I also mention¬†here) that comes in a male and female version that Peggy is showing off. It’s only in standard sizes (XS-XL), but it works on mesh bodies as well.

Peggy found a place called AJUDA SL BRASIL – Voluntarios Community Gateway¬† where they have a lot of free items for people new to SL. A lot of generous creators donated some pretty nice freebies. If you are on a budget but you do want to go shopping, it’s worth it to check out! She found this lovely hair there too!



On Peggy:
Jacket: *FW* DD Women’s Letterman Jacket – Free for the Dumpster Diving Hunt
Hair: ::Adris King:: Poca hair РFree at AJUDA SL BRASIL РVoluntarios Community Gateway  (possibly all time freebie)

On Damian:
Jacket: *FW* DD Men’s Letterman Jacket – Free for the Dumpster Diving Hunt

The dumpster: .:Puppet Master Poses:. Throw me away – Free for the Dumpster Diving Hunt