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Almost October

Almost October

Things have been… well, not very amazing. My mind is a mess and there are so many things to worry about and to take care of. Thankfully my favorite month of the year is coming up. There are several things that I look forward to in my RL, but also tons of events to visit and hunts to do in SL.

Halloween is right around the corner and it will be fun to create spooky outfits. I remember that last year there were some really neat gifts out if you knew where to look for them. I will be trying to find them and hopefully show them here.

To get into the mood, I picked up this dress from Mistique. It is a group gift and for just 50L you can join the group and pick it up at the store. It is a Halloween special and it has this mysterious and maybe even gothic feel to it. It’s very pretty, has lovely details like the cute bow on the shoulder and a bigger bow on the lower back and it’s probably very suitable for medieval fantasy rp.

It comes in the sizes:

  • Belleza Freya
  • Belleza Isis
  • Belleza Venus
  • Fitmesh
  • Maitreya
  • Slink
  • Slink Hourglass
  • Standard XXS-L



Hair: TRUTH VIP HoneyAna – Free group gift (Group fee is 350L to join)
Choker: Sweet Thing. Betsey Choker – Free group gift (Group free to join)
Dress: **Mistique** Halloween Special LE – Free group gift (Group fee is 50L to join)

Picture location: -Arranmore-

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It’s your Fairy Tale

Fairy tale

We all know Second Life is a great place to escape from reality for a moment, to be who you want to be and create your own story. But I recently learned (with some help) that we can create your own story in the real world too in a way, even if it takes a little more effort. Okay, I’m not talking about becoming a fairy all of the sudden, but to become someone that you are happy with and can be proud of.

The outfit
Brii does some lovely hunts and every time it’s a new surprise. For everyone who wants to be a fairy or an elf and create their own fairy tales, whether it’s to roleplay or just to feel magical, now is the time to do that hunt. For only 5L you get a complete costume, in my case it included even pointy elf ears! And makeup, but I forgot to put that on.
It comes in the sizes:

  • Belleza
  • Maitreya
  • Slink
  • Standard XS-XL
  • Fitmesh XS-XL

The hair
The group will cost you some L$, but it’s well worth it if you see what all you can pick up for free at Sintiklia. The hair my avatar is wearing has two styles and even includes bangs to add as an option. And the best part: it includes pretty much every color you can think of, whether you like to keep it natural or prefer bright pink. It’s all up to you!!



Hair: Sintiklia – Hair Irma – Free group gift (Group 250L to join)
Jewelry: :::ChicChica::: Cage – Free  Cosmopolitan Event gift
Outfit: *Brii Underground* Kilakila Elf Costume (includes elf ears) – 5L Fairy World Hunt gift
Butterflies: Persefona Butterflies on Hair – Free Teleporthub gift (Group 10L to join)

Picture location: *StoryBrooke Gardens*

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Spring preferred

Spring preferred

It’s already summer, but if I’m really honest I prefer spring. I’m not someone that is a fan of going to those crowded beaches to get a tan. If anything, with my pale skin I will probably burn within 1.2 seconds.

I prefer to take a walk in the forest, where it’s nice and cool in the shade of the trees. The sim I took a picture at made it feel like I was in a forest in spring time when all the flowers are blooming, surrounded by bees and butterflies.

This dress I found from {Acios} and this adorable crown and bracelets from !IT! seemed like good match for the background. This dress will also perfectly work in a medieval setting, for the roleplayers amongst us.



Dress: {Acios} Katy Dress ~black~ – Free group gift (Group is free to join)
Necklace: L.I.C Return To LIC Choker – Free group gift (Group is free to join)
Flower crown: !IT! – Lilac Passion – Free SLF&O gift (Group is free to join)
Bracelets: !IT! – Wrapped Up Bracelets – Free SLF&O gift (Group is free to join)

Pose: . MILA . poses // gifts 2018 – 1L at the SL Marketplace

Picture location: Ren Faire – Spring Woods

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Ladies and thieves

Ladies and thieves

We found ourselves back in the medieval times again and when I saw Peggy’s beautiful dress and all that jewelry she was wearing, I went back to the roots of my favorite roleplay character. Sure, he is now the Alpha of his own pack (yes, he is a werewolf), but back when he was younger he used to be a bandit, a thief…

So while my friend was looking fancy, I found myself the perfect medieval outlaw outfit for only 1L on the marketplace to perfectly blend into the background of the forest. I had to sneak through the bushes after all to take my share of all that wealth, because all I got was this dirty knife!

How it ended? I’d rather not tell… Let’s just say it’s unwise to sneak after ladies in the dark forest and one of us might have ended up with a black eye. No, it’s not Peggy…..


On Peggy:

Dress & necklace: **Brii Underground**  Julieta Victorian Style Complete Outfit –
2L for A Midsummer Night’s Dream hunt
Headchain & Earrings: [Footpaw Industries] Redeux Gift – Free gift for Redeux event
(the set comes with a necklace and a nose ring as well)

Pose: Imaginarium Poses – Lady of Payne by – Free at the SL Marketplace

On Damian:
Outfit: C&N Medieval set Fantasy Outlaw – 1L on the SL Marketplace
Knife: [COD] Hunter Knife – 1L on the SL Marketplace

Picture location: Tagus Enchanted Forest

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No Rest for the Wicked

No Rest for the Wicked

After a long day of running away from mythical beasts… sometimes a girl just has to stop and take a rest… though generally, as they say, there is “no rest” for the wicked! (Thus this great pose for just 1L called No rest! Pick it up off the Marketplace Ha!)

Like Damian, I visited Redeux and picked up all the free gifts I could find. I love On a Lark and nabbed their gift the minute I saw it. I knew I had to show it off, even if it … showed off some boobage. So I had to be clever in how I delivered my picture. Thus my pose 😉 Sorry you’re missing out on the one sided coverage of this lovely camisk! It’s perfect for risky medieval or Gorean roleplay, however!

I added chains from Beyond the Mists (their free gift at their booth) and I was ready to go! OH and the 50L Friday item is still out at Pure Poison. It comes with a set of gorgeous colorchange heels as well as a set of anklets. I’m only showing off the anklets (who wears heels for medieval roleplay anyway?) But grab these before they disappear as they are GORGEOUS!

On Astrid:

Dress: On a Lark Drew Batik for Maitreya – FREE at Redeux

Chains around neck and waist: Beyond the Mists Gift Ring Chain for Maitreya – FREE at Redeux

Anklets: Pure Poison Farah Sandals & Bracelts (Heels not shown) – 50L for 50L Friday

Pose: KOPFKINO No Rest Bento Gift Pose – 1L on the Marketplace

Picture Location: Elven Forest