Review Policy

Dear Wonderful Second Life Designers,

If you would like me to review your creations for blogging, please send a review copy in-world to my avatar Portia Swords.

I currently accept female fashion and prefer items that meet the mission statement of Affordable Fantasies (see our about page).

Please send your item(s) in the following manner:

  1. Everything in one folder or a box.
  2. The item itself.
  3. Include a notecard with pertinent information (price, LM, if it’s located at an event or in store or if it’s a promo).

Please send me only your own creations. No affiliate vendors and nothing that is transferable as that implies lack of IP integrity. You are responsible for making sure that the IP work is your own and that you use integrity regarding IP and TOS.


Astrid de Manyet (Portia Swords)