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Dangerous duo

Dangerous duo

It’s been a while since the dangerous duo got together for a picture… and we found a moment this morning to spend some time together after hunting down a couple of pretty cool gifts.

I have been away for a while, and life has been keeping me busy, but that didn’t stop Damian from snagging me up for a dance at a club and then finding a quiet corner for a snug and a picture.

The awesome shirt that you see Astrid wearing comes in the following sizes:

  • Maitreya
  • TMP
  • Freya, Isis, Venus
  • Hourglass & Physique
  • Curvy & Fine
  • Standard Sizes

Damian is wearing an outfit from Bakaboo, another gift for the L’Homme group. This comes in the sizes:

  • Adam
  • Altamura
  • Belleza Jake
  • Signature
  • Slink



On Astrid:
Shirt: .:* LOULOU&CO *:. – Shirt :: AMBUJA :: Tropical Free Women Only Hunt gift

On Damian:
Outfit: Bakaboo – Statement Vest and Shorts – Free L’Homme Gift (Group is free to join)

Background: Anxiety integer2 – Free Group Gift (Group is free to join)

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Partied too hard

Partied too hard

My friend Peggy and I dressed up and went to a party and had a good time. I was lucky that she was sober and able to watch me, because at some point I was trying to climb on the table because I was sure I knew how to sing and that everyone had to hear it. Needless to say, I can’t sing, so I was making a total ass out of myself… That is when she decided it was time to go!! We were looking really sharp though!

She only had grape juice, so she had to carry me back to my apartment while being sober AND wearing heels. I don’t remember much of it, but I can image it must have been a challenge!!

The suit
This fancy suit is a gift from Bakaboo for people who are in the L’Homme group. Today the new L’Homme Magazine SL was released and it’s their 4th anniversary, so some awesome creators have left us some free gifts to celebrate! The suit comes in standard sizes (XS- XL), but it works fine on most mesh bodies if you add some alphas to it.

Peggy was all dressed up too and she was wearing this lovely outfit from :: Fatal Fashion ::. It is a free group gift and includes the necklace, earring and heels! It comes in the sizes:

  • Fitmesh standard (XS – XL)
  • Maitreya
  • Belleza
  • Slink



On Damian:
Suit: Bakaboo – Baka Suit 2 and Pants – Free L’Homme gift (Group is free to join)

On Peggy:
Full outfit: :: Fatal Fashion :: Look Pack 002 – Free Mesh Body Friends gift (Group is free to join)
Hair:  Doe Nylon – Free Gacha Garden gift (Group is free to join)
Eyes: !Musa! Sphene Eyes applier (catwa) – Free Gacha Garden gift (Group is free to join)
Bangles: DRD Wood Bangles – Free group gift (Group is free to join)

Background: – The Bearded Guy – Callejon Branca – Free Sense Event gift (No group needed)

Pose: Zen Creations Celebrate (beer and wine included) – 1L gift (No group needed)