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Suit up


The other day it came to my attention that Kauna is still giving out most of their stuff for free, so I thought I’d share that with you. To my knowledge, the main store is no longer open, but there is smaller store that still sells some of their items. I posted about their free smoking jacket here (still available).


The the suits I am wearing in the pictures are both completely free. They come in separate pieces and it gives you the ability to wear it as you please, which makes it very versatile and appropriate for any occasion. You can choose to wear your jacket open or closed, or not at all. The shirt can be worn tucked or untucked, the collar of the shirt open or closed, a waistcoat can be worn etc. Some other optional pieces included are a bowtie, a tie and/or a handkerchief.

The sizes are Standard S-M and Slink S-M.

I’m unsure for how long this store will remain open, so I advice to give it a visit as soon as you can before it’s too late! I picked everything up myself too because you never know when I need to dress up nicely for a date or have to be fancy for Christmas. That, and I think I’m a hoarder.


Suit in 1st picture: Kauna – 2BN Suit: Pin Ink – Free
Suit in 2nd picture: Kauna – 2BN Suit:  Black – Free
Shoes: Kauna – Monk Strap Shoes – Free

Picture location: Winter Moon

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Free shorts for shortly!

Shorts for shortly

For a limited time Native Urban is giving away these awesome shorts as a group gift. It’s a fatpack, so it comes with a hud that includes all of the available colors too!! It’s unsure until when these will be available, so hurry to the store and grab them while you still can!


  • Belleza
  • Signature
  • Slink
  • TMP



Summer shorts: -NU- Lagoon Shorts All Colors – Free group gift (Group free to join)

Pose: Habitat Male Model Poses – Stand Touching Hair – 10L at the SL Marketplace

Picture location: Soul2Soul Falls 

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A little bit of soul

A little bit of soul

I was going to show some more male gifts, but then I ran into this free dress from {ViSion} and I had to show that first. You can join their free group and this dress with be completely free to pick up. They also have a VIP group that you can join for 250L and then there will we a whole more gifts waiting for you!

How I found them? I got lost at the SL15B Event, SL’s birthday (don’t ask me how I managed to get in, it’s spread over 4 sims and it’s insanely crowded so I have no idea) and then I picked up the gift at their shop. Instead of a freebie, you get a 200L giftcard and so you can shop around for yourself. At the event they even have a special 50% off sale, so that is also very interesting to check out.

Getting lost at events is what I do best, so I also ended up at the stand for Mina Hair and they had something nice for free that I’m showing off on my avie as well. And I also found these free rings from ROZOREGALIA that also come in a male version for Signature. So yes, it’s a good place to go if you are looking for little treasures. I will probably be showing more soon, since there is a LOT.

Have fun! Just… wait until I got in to pick up the rest of the gifts because the regions keep on being full!! I’m kidding ♥ 😀


Hair: MINA – Hannah – Essentials – Free gift at the SL15B Event
Dress: {ViSion} //Annie Dress – Free Group gift (Group free to join)
Necklace: ::ALTER:: Sense Necklace / Infinite love (Gold) – Free at the Sense event (Group free to join)
Rings: ROZOREGALIA_VIGRO*RING_Maitreya_BOX – Free gift at the SL15B Event
Nails: {ZOZ} Gift – Daisy Trio II – Free gift at the SL15B Event

Pose: .::Crystal Poses::. Single //1 – Free gift at the XXX Original Event (Group free too join)

Picture location: A Little Bit Of Soul

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Snugs and Sweaters

By the lantern

We all have those days that you just want to hug someone, hold someone close that you really care about. I had a moment like that and I was happy that Astrid was around so I could randomly pull her into a bear hug as she was showing me this beautiful lantern from Storax Tree. It made me feel so much better!

Before that we had visited Trashed and picked up a great shirt for my collection and a cute hoodie for her. We just had to find the strawberry hidden somewhere in the store for the 4 seasons hunt.
And don’t we all love events where the shops give away freebies? Well I sure do, so after taking a walk at the Imaginarium Event and collecting all the gifts, I was smiling again!


Snugs and Sweaters

On Astrid:
Shirt: Trashed <T> Rosa Sweater – 1L hunt gift for the 4 seasons hunt
Necklace: Supernatural Marcella – Free gift at the Imaginarium Event

On Damian:
Shirt: Trashed <T> Cascade – 1L hunt gift for the 4 seasons hunt

Pose: <K&S> ~I’m for You~ poses 1 – Free gift at the Imaginarium Event

Lantern w/ Bonsai: Storax Tree Stone Lighting Spring Candle C Tall – 1L hunt gift for the 4 seasons hunt