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So many gifts!

So many gifts 1

My friend Peggy is really good at hunting down all of the fun gifts, so I am lucky that she offers to help me on a regular basis.

Today we put together some characters that would be like water and fire. Peggy looks kind of demonic, with a set of awesome horns free from IMMODEST to complete her look and my avatar is showing off some pretty wings that I found for free at the Gacha Life Event.

So many gifts 2

At Fable 3 pretty much every creator has a 10L special out. The hair on the winged one was one of them, it’s from .Escalated. and it has some mini huds with fun colors to choose from, like Ombre and Dip-dye. It also has a version with snowflakes.

And even though we look like total opposites in the picture, we did not have a fight after the photoshoot or started the apocalypse, don’t worry!


On Peggy:

Hair: Olive Stephanie Hair – Free Lucky Board gift (No group required)
Top: Oubliette Hamsa T-neck – Free group gift (Group is free to join)
Pants: [Eclectique] Black Beauty  – Free group gift (Group 25L to join)
Belt: [HB] Design Belly chain  – Free group gift (Group is free to join)
Horns: IMMODEST Broken Atlas Horns  – Free Women Only Hunt gift
Eyeshadow: LEPUNK Siana Eyeshadow – Free group gift (Group is free to join)
Lipstick: Le gene Lesly Lipstick pack #3  – Free gift for Gacha Garden Event
Choker: Little Fox Lust choker – Free Output Event gift
Sandals: +Psycho Barbie+ Skull flats – Free Women Only Hunt gift

Pose: <K&S> Hey. Hey. Bento pose – Free group gift (Group is free to join)

On Damian:

Hair: .Escalated. Virginie Hair – 10L Fable 3 Event special
Wraith: LAGON – Firefly Headband – Free Frog Prince Hunt gift
Face lilies: Snowpaws – Lily Pad Mask – Free Frog Prince Hunt gift
Necklace: Candy Crunchers – dangle necklace silver – Free Women Only Hunt gift
Dress: ello. Tiana Dress – Pink – 10L Fable 3 Event special
Wings: LMagnums Clothier Warrior Wings – Rainbow – Free Gacha Life Event gift
Ring: Dahlia – Bayou – Evangeline – Firefly Ring Set – Free Frog Prince Hunt gift

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Dream on

Pool of dreams

My friend Peggy and I are quite driven at finding freebies. We love to hunt, collect and find ourselves all kinds of treasures. She found the Go Fund Yourself hunt and we tried that, hunting down the money bags that each contained a fun item to help you beg for Linden to support yourself or… your pixel cat. The final hunt gift was something we all dream of: a pool filled with money! We may have gotten influenced by the sight of that amount of money that we had to fit our outfits too! And might have overdone it…

Kitty and Peggy

If we keep on dreaming about being rich an wealthy and let’s admit it, incredibly stylish, we need to be safe too. Maybe get a pet tiger, to guard all that we hunted so hard for! Because no one would dare come close when you have a Kitty Purry like that at your feet!



On Peggy:
Pants and shoes: La Bella Boutique Raven Queen – Free group gift (no fee required) (comes with a crop top and wings originally)
Hair: Lamb. Lovesong – Free group gift (no fee required)
Hat: [Glitzz] Tiffany’s Hat – Free gift for Vintage Fair
Ring and earrings: Maxi Gossamer Kirenna Fey Teardrops – Free group gift (no fee required)
Sunglasses: :::FurtaCor::: Jaguar Sunglasses – Free gift for Gacha Life event
Lipstick: .::anny’s Fashion::. Go Lipglossy Makeup 07 – Free gift for Gacha Life event
Scarf: *SK* fishnet scarf  – Free hunt gift for imaginarium event

On Damian:
Vest and trousers: Kauna Smoking Jacket and Kauna XIV Trousers – Free
(Main store closed down, found a small store of theirs, unknown how long it will remain open. You can find it here.)
Sunglasses: *Y-Knot* Summer Mesh Sunglasses Unisex Black – 10L on the SL Marketplace
Pipe: JED 2 Pipe Smoking – 1L on the SL Marketplace
Mustache: RAW HOUSE – Classic Mustache Group Gift – Free group gift (no fee required)

Money pool: Fund Pool by Deathrow Designs – Free hunt gift for Go Fund Yourself Hunt
Beach chair: Simply Shelby Patriotic Beach Chair trio set – Free gift for Gacha Life event
Rose fence: The Crones Garden Rose Garden – Free hunt gift for Twisted RFL sale event

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Rock and roll on!


There was this time in my life where I was choosing the more alternative style of dressing, baggy jeans, band shirts, long hair… I was the type who went to rock and metal concerts with my friends whenever I could. I visited the The Gacha Life Event for this month and I ran into a couple of goodies that reminded me of that good old time, back when I didn’t care as much about what people thought about me.

I really had to show you this outfit from .::ADRIS KING::., as I thought it was pretty cute. I knew a few girls who loved to wear skirts like that back then and I was certainly not complaining. And this pose from :PACAGAIA: is just awesome. It comes in both a female and a male version and the skateboard prop included has several options for really bad ass prints. Ahh yes… this reminds me of the time my friend convinced me to try skateboarding and I almost had my face hit the asphalt several times and gave up.



Outfit: ::AK:: Mini Skirt and One Shoulder – Free at The Gacha Life Event June (Group free to join)
Hair: Sintiklia – Hair Raphael – Group gift – Free group gift (250L fee to join group)
Head: [ AK DELUXE ] – Maia Bento head – Free group gift (150L fee to join group) – Only available until June 15th!

Pose and skateboard prop: :PACAGAIA: Skateboarder [GIFT] – Free at the Free at The Gacha Life Event June (Group free to join)

Store: Background: .:Joplino:. Backdrop STFU – Older subscriber gift, no longer available

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Dream ride

Dream ride

I love cars and I really miss my old BMW hatchback. I loved that vehicle. So whenever I see a really well build car come by on SL, my heart beats a little faster.
I ran into this amazing ride by Billionaire Motors for free and it made my day! It is really beautifully crafted and highly detailed. And best of it all: you can take it for a spin where you are able to rez it!! It even comes with a driver hud!

Needles to say I had to take a picture. I found a nice free outfit from .::anny’s Fashion::. at the The Gacha Life Event, a shirt and a pair of jeans that will always come in handy at one of those casual days. I also picked up the free necklace from !IT! that was there to finish the look.



Outfit: [AF] Beatrice Jeans Emerald and Top Tank Gold – Free at the Free at The Gacha Life Event June (Group free to join)
Necklace: !IT! – Dandelions Necklace – Free at the Free at The Gacha Life Event June (Group free to join)

Car: Billionaire Motors Magnum A45 OMG Baked White Hatchback Car June 2018 – Free gift (No group needed)

Hair: MINA Hair – Juliet – Essentials MINA – Free past VIP group gift (200L to join group)