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Salt N Pepper Rainbow

It’s almost summer again and that means warm days and trying to cool down in the shade and the water.

Astrid found us some nice gifts from S&P. These clothes are interactive with SL water, meaning they will get wet and dry up again.

The Men Cave event is celebrating their anniversary and they have a lot of free gifts for you to pick up. It’s worth it to check it out!




On Astrid:
Bikini: S&P Delilah rainbow – Free group gift (group 300L to join)

On Damian:
Hat with hair: lock&tuft – russ variety – Free Mencave event gift (group free to join)
Shirt: S&P Ethan rainbow – Free group gift (group 300L to join)
Shorts: Kalback Casual Shorts M3_FULLPACK  – Free L’homme group gift (Group free to join)

Picture location:
Rosa Scotia

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Plenty of pumpkins

Plenty of Pumpkins

Since Halloween is nearing, I will have to purchase one or two pumpkins soon to make into lanterns. I was reminded of this because I found another free hunt this morning and in order to get the prizes, you have to hunt down the pumpkins that are hidden. There are 34 of them, some are in plain view, but others found better hiding spots somehow.

It’s called the BOO! at Blacklace hunt and there are 34 prizes to collect from several stores. There are a lot of fun items to gather, like this Bewitched Gown my avatar is wearing from ExxentriciXi. It comes in the sizes Belleza, Fitmesh XS-XL and Maitreya.

Hair is a new group gift from No.Match. The hat is optional and comes in red, black and white and the hair itself comes with a fatpack hud, so all colors are included.



Hair: no.match_ ~ NO_SCARY groupgift – Free group gift (Group is 50L to join)
Dress: ~EccentriciXi~ Dress Bewitched Bats – Free BOO! at Blacklace hunt gift

Picture location: Halloween Rock ‘N’ Shock 2018: The Island Of The DOLLS

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Fall is coming

Fall is coming

Some words of advice: when you decide to take a walk outside in your underwear when the leaves start falling, make sure you wear a hat or else you’ll catch a cold…

This has not been proven, so don’t hold me accountable. Anyway… I’m kind of grumpy because for some reason my viewer keeps on crashing when I try to take a picture. This is why I have not been posting as much, it’s kind of frustrating. This is in lower settings, but hey, it’s something!

The hair
This is one of the older group gifts from Dura, but it’s nice and still available. It contains a mini hud that will give you five hair colors and five beanie colors, which is pretty nice. I showed one of the other gifts in this post here.

The face paint
At times I just visit random stores I discover at events and sometimes I get lucky. Yesterday I stumbled upon a store called Clemmm and the gifts that they were giving out were just well worth that 33L group fee for me. I love strange things, so I fell in love with this skull like face paint and some of the other gift that I will show some other time. What has to also be said it that the creator is super awesome, I had some problems picking the gifts up and they fixed it and got back to me in no time!

The tattoo
Another one of my lucky finds. I have something with wolves, always have, not sure why, so I was super stoked when I found his awesome tattoo for free at [AR2 Style]. It comes with appliers for:

  • Belleza
  • Maitreya
  • Slink
  • Eve
  • Adam
  • Omega
  • Signature
  • TMP

The boxers
Last but not least, some nice underwear that every man needs here on SL for those lazy days where you just don’t want to get dressed. I think they are really great quality and very much worth picking up. You never know when you might need them.
The sizes:

  • Adam
  • Aesthetic
  • Belleza Jake
  • Signature Gianni
  • Slink
  • TMP



Hair: *Dura* GIFT 2015 – Free group gift (Group is free to join)
Face paint: Clemmm – Griswold’s Bone Facepaint – Free group gift (Group 33L to join)
Tattoo: [AR2 Style] The Wolf Tattoo – Free group gift (Group is free to join)
Boxers: * ML Fashion * GG Boxers Black – Free group gift (Group is free to join)

Picture location: Missing Melody