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“Just because you feel lost doesn’t mean that you are.
Sometimes you just have to relax, breathe deep, and trust the path you’re on.”
― Lalah Delia



Hair: Little Bones. Slice – The Mermaid – Free group gift/Group is 100L to join
Outfit: .:S.C:. Time for Cocoa – Dress – So Cozy! – Free for the Womenstuff hunt
Pose: Fanxy – Model Pose 1 (Female) Bento Pose – Free at Pose Fair/Group is free to join

Picture location: Kinglet Sound


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Speaking of Exotic Locations…

Speaking of Exotic Locations_001 (2)

“Some people when they see cheese, chocolate or cake they don’t think of calories.”
Amit Kalantri, Wealth of Words

Speaking of Exotic locations…

… Travel is just up my isle this summer. Maybe I have “the bug.” And since I haven’t been traveling much in real life lately (I have been recovering from a longterm illness) I have been traveling in second life.

I recently purchased a homestead and am planning a little surprise for everyone on it. In the meantime, a lovely friend is doing some teraforming and building… and wow it is popping into an exotic locale… and I am spinning round the Second Life globe getting ideas for what to set down as far as prims on the land! What do you think of these elephants? I’m thinking I may just want to add them to my decor… wooo! No poaching though!

Speaking of animals… what about that Evil Bunny Hunt? OMG the amazing gifts!

Damian and I made a stop by Dragonmoon Designs and hunted down the 1L prizes (there’s one for the guys and one for the girls) and got these great summer time outfits. They both include

  • A hud for four colors
  • Multiple Sizes for Mesh Bodies
  • A prize for men and one for women

You don’t want to miss out!

And… speaking of missing out…

… it’s always a sad day when a Second Life icon closes its doors. Crom is having a closing sale and you don’t want to miss out on the 75% storewide savings! I picked up the Calista Collar Necklace for just 72L (omgosh it has a hud for 3 metals and 12 different pendants) and a gorgeous little Septum from a gatcha for just 20L! I got lucky and pulled a Rare for three metals for my 20L price!

Damian and I each took  a picture. He snapped his below and Mine is above. Be sure to check out these amazing deals before it’s too late!





Head: Lelutka Bento Head Bianca
Body: Maitreya Lara
Hair: Stealthic Genisis Bento Fitted
Outfit: Dragonmoon Designs Summer Time Outfit – 1L Beached Bunny hunt gift
Necklace: Crom Calisto Collar – 72L for the 75% Store Wide Closing Sale
Septum Piercing: Crom Septum – Scarlet – Fatpack RARE – 20L for the 75% Store Wide Closing Sale
Rings: (Yummy) Bohemia Ring Set
Nails: [FormaNails] Ballerina Nails


Head: Lelutka Bento Head Andrea
Body: Belleza Mesh Body Jake
Hair: Vango Alex
Outfit: Dragonmoon Designs Sunny Daze Outfit – 1L Beached Bunny hunt gift

Pose: ::SenseS:: Couple 271 – Free L’Homme gift (group is free to join)

Picture Location Bliss Island

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It’s your Fairy Tale

Fairy tale

We all know Second Life is a great place to escape from reality for a moment, to be who you want to be and create your own story. But I recently learned (with some help) that we can create your own story in the real world too in a way, even if it takes a little more effort. Okay, I’m not talking about becoming a fairy all of the sudden, but to become someone that you are happy with and can be proud of.

The outfit
Brii does some lovely hunts and every time it’s a new surprise. For everyone who wants to be a fairy or an elf and create their own fairy tales, whether it’s to roleplay or just to feel magical, now is the time to do that hunt. For only 5L you get a complete costume, in my case it included even pointy elf ears! And makeup, but I forgot to put that on.
It comes in the sizes:

  • Belleza
  • Maitreya
  • Slink
  • Standard XS-XL
  • Fitmesh XS-XL

The hair
The group will cost you some L$, but it’s well worth it if you see what all you can pick up for free at Sintiklia. The hair my avatar is wearing has two styles and even includes bangs to add as an option. And the best part: it includes pretty much every color you can think of, whether you like to keep it natural or prefer bright pink. It’s all up to you!!



Hair: Sintiklia – Hair Irma – Free group gift (Group 250L to join)
Jewelry: :::ChicChica::: Cage – Free  Cosmopolitan Event gift
Outfit: *Brii Underground* Kilakila Elf Costume (includes elf ears) – 5L Fairy World Hunt gift
Butterflies: Persefona Butterflies on Hair – Free Teleporthub gift (Group 10L to join)

Picture location: *StoryBrooke Gardens*

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Snugs and Sweaters

By the lantern

We all have those days that you just want to hug someone, hold someone close that you really care about. I had a moment like that and I was happy that Astrid was around so I could randomly pull her into a bear hug as she was showing me this beautiful lantern from Storax Tree. It made me feel so much better!

Before that we had visited Trashed and picked up a great shirt for my collection and a cute hoodie for her. We just had to find the strawberry hidden somewhere in the store for the 4 seasons hunt.
And don’t we all love events where the shops give away freebies? Well I sure do, so after taking a walk at the Imaginarium Event and collecting all the gifts, I was smiling again!


Snugs and Sweaters

On Astrid:
Shirt: Trashed <T> Rosa Sweater – 1L hunt gift for the 4 seasons hunt
Necklace: Supernatural Marcella – Free gift at the Imaginarium Event

On Damian:
Shirt: Trashed <T> Cascade – 1L hunt gift for the 4 seasons hunt

Pose: <K&S> ~I’m for You~ poses 1 – Free gift at the Imaginarium Event

Lantern w/ Bonsai: Storax Tree Stone Lighting Spring Candle C Tall – 1L hunt gift for the 4 seasons hunt