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Not so Silent Hill

Silent Hill Blog

Peggy and I geared up to go hunting for Halloween freebies together. Like I mentioned before, this month there are a whole bunch of great and spooky hunts out there.

The Silent Hill Experience
I think Peggy was fangirling. I only know the movie and it’s been a long time since I’ve seen it, but she has also played the game and she recognized pretty much every single detail. If you like horror, this will be a fun hunt for you. There are a ton of clues and puzzles, pictures to find and put together, prizes to pick up and scary monsters to kill.

The jackets
I was kind of scared, so I was glad we decided to pick up the same jackets from Gabriel¬†at the Neo Japan event. I wouldn’t want to tap someone on the shoulder, thinking it is my friend and then have a brain hungry zombie turn around wanting to sink his teeth into my neck! It was good that they were comfortable since I was running from zombie dogs several times!


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The jackets and sword:
::GB:: Stadium jacket*/ GKKJ & Light sword – Free gift at Neo Japan

Picture location:
The Silent Hill Experience (The Otherworld)