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Happy thanksgiving


This is not something we celebrate over where I live, but I actually think we should. It’s kind of nice to take a moment and think about what we are thankful for at times.

I’m thankful for the amazing people I have met that became my friends. Friends who accepted me for who I am, with all of my flaws and weirdness. I’m thankful to have met Astrid and Tom. You both taught me a lot about myself, encouraged me to keep going and help me to become the best I can be. I still have a long way to go, but I’m getting there 🙂 I love you ♥ And I’m also thankful for my two cats 😀

Even though it’s not a tradition here, tonight I will be spending time with my family and appreciate that they have been there for me, even though we have our differences. I’m thankful for all they do and have done. To show that I even made them dinner that I will be bringing over. I impressed myself…

The freebies
The shirt and shoes are both free hunt gifts from the SLF&O hunt. The hunt will end at the 25th of November, so there is some time left get collect all of the gifts. There are a few stores who have male gifts and you can see in the hint list which ones. The sizes for the shirt:

  • Belleza
  • Signature
  • Slink

I hope you will all have a good Thanksgiving 🙂



Shirt: ASCEND Jorge Shirt – Free SLF&O hunt gift
Eyes: AG. Fine Eyes – Free Group Gift (5L fee to join group)
Shoes: = REBELLION = “NOVA” KICKS – SHRED EDITION – Free SLF&O hunt gift

Picture location: Small Town Green

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In need of coffee

In need of coffee

It’s one of those mornings where I wished that I would drink coffee. I used to love sleeping, like most people probably do, but ever since my nights have been filled with nightmares it has just not been that fun anymore.

This morning I had some time so I just looked through my inventory to see what kind of freebies I have collected. There is quite a lot of them, so I felt like it was time to blog about some more while I was sipping my tea and trying to wake up.

The hair
My friend showed me this store called Olive and I have gathered a few hairstyles from there. For free, of course. This particular one I’m wearing comes up on the Midnight Mania board every once in a while, but the others are also great. Beside that they have over a dozen of Lucky Letter boards out with other hairstyles, so if you have a little patience you can easily add some new nice hair to your inventory.

The outfit
This mesh shirt and pants from No Name only come in standard sizes (XXS-L) but again, with the use of some alphas you can make it fit on most mesh bodies. I liked it since I have discovered that finding pants for women is maybe even harder than finding something nice and free for men… It’s all short skirts! Not that I’m complaining… but I can imagine that not everyone is into that.

It also comes with a hud that allows you to color the shirt, belt and pants all separately which is a nice little extra.



Hair: .Olive. the Peach Hair – Free Midnight Mania prize (No group needed)
Glasses: = REBELLION = “SAVANT” SPECS – 10L promo
Choker: [Lomomo] Lapin choker – Free group gift (Group is free to join)
Outfit: [No Name] Cindy Outfit – Free SL F&O group gift (Group is free to join)

Picture location: Strawberry Lake (Adult Sim)

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See through

See through

Nothing too fancy today, but I just wanted to share the shirt I found for the HYIS hunt, the hunt that Astrid mentioned here and I mentioned here. We showed of some female goodies, but this is for the boys.

And then there are these pants I found that are free to pick up at Treized Designs. They come in the sizes:

  • Adam
  • Aesthetic
  • David
  • Gianni
  • Jake
  • Slink
  • TMP
  • Standard sizing XS-XL

Have a good day everyone.



Shirt: *WW* Striped see through Shirt – Free for the Hunt for Your Inner Slut hunt
Pants: ^TD^ – Glamour Pants – Free group gift (Group is free to join)
Necklace: Glint Leather & Beads Bass clef necklace (men and women) – 1L for the Rock hunt
Bracelets: = REBELLION = STUDDED LEATHER BRACELET – Free group gift (Group is free to join)

Picture location: L’aZile

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A heads up

A heads up

The past two weeks [AK Deluxe] had a free Deluxe Bento head out as anniversary group gift for the ladies. Guess what? From now on until the 1st of July a male head will be out as a group gift!! You will only have to pay 150L to join the group and then you are able to pick it up for free.

It comes with a body skin appliers for the Belleza Jake, Signature and Slink, so no need to buy a separate skin for that, which is great! It comes with tons of options to adjust your looks to your preference and also a lot of fun expressions and facial animations to show everyone in what kind of mood you are in today! I’d say, pick it up now you still can!!

I’m also showing off this awesome free shirt from = REBELLION =, one of my favorite shops. They also have a whole bunch of leather bracelets out for free, so it’s certainly worth checking it out.


Head: [AK Deluxe] Men – Leon Bento Head – Free group gift (150L to join group)
Shirt: = REBELLION = GROUP GIFT TEE – Free group gift – (Group free to join)
Bracelet left: = REBELLION = LEATHER CROSS-WRAPPED BRACELET – Free group gift – (Group free to join)
Bracelet right: = REBELLION = INTERLACED LEATHER BRACELET – Free group gift – (Group free to join)
Nose piercing: ::OOPS:: Septum Piercing – Free gift at the XXX Original Event (Group free to join)

Pose: KZ poses – Stand Up – Male pose – Bento – 50L inworld or at the SL Marketplace

Picture Location: Devine Corruption

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In the army

In the army

Last week while cleaning out the attic at my old home, I found my father’s military helmet. It made me wonder what it must have been like to join the army, because all I really know is the war videos games and movies.

Funny enough, Peggy showed me this awesome outfit from Brii inspired by the game Call of Duty. I found some trunks to match and we decided to take her dollarbie motorcycle from H&C Wheels for a spin at this nice Sim she found.

I don’t have a license for that vehicle, so after almost crashing into a few fences and a wall, she thought it was better for me to just sit in the sidecar. Was all fine with me! That way I was just able to focus on my surroundings and wave at all of the strangers by the side of the road that looked at me funny. No idea why they did!


On Peggy:
Full outfit: **Brii Underground Wear** “Call of Duty Inspiration Gamer Style Complete Outfit” including the rifle and the helmet, (inner shirt not included) – 1L hunt gift for the Videogames Hunt
Hair: Ellie Hair by VALLANI – 1L at the SL Marketplace

On Damian:
Shirt: Trashed Tylar Shirt – FREE group gift (no fee to join)
Trunks: *AGATA* 2018 Trunks – FREE group gift (no fee to join)
Sunglasses: = Rebellion = Aviator sunglasses – FREE group gift (no fee to join)
Ankle bracelet: [GIld] GG Mesh leahter anklet for male – FREE group gift (no fee to join)

Motorcycle: H&C Wheels -Tag Along – 1L hunt gift for the 4 Seasons hunt

Sim location: WWII Central – Tulagi