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Getting Older

Getting Older

It’s no secret that I’m a year older in real life. I’d like to think I’m not showing my age, but I’ve spied a few grey hairs, so I’m going in for a cut and color this month. Youth comes in a bottle!


I saw that Poema had out a new group gift and fell in love. During roleplay some time back, I played a middle age witch woman and had a difficult time finding mature skins. This Miranda skin by Poema is simply beautiful. It is available ONLY in the group notices, so you will need to Join the group by copying and pasting the following into your chat: secondlife:///app/group/f0197933-e8cc-5d58-043c-515a6831cbef/about then joining the group (it’s 250L to join but that is a small fee for an excellent face applier). It is meant for Catwa only. The notice says that you will need to buy appliers at the store, but I found that my Maitreya hud skins matched up almost flawlessly with the tone of the skin without need for adjustment and so did not buy the appliers. Once the gift is gone from the notices, it will be available for sale in the store.

Getting Older 2

A little Boho

If you want a pretty boho style dress for just 10L, stop by Rir Life and pick up the latest group gift. It is Free with your group membership and the group is just 10L to join. It supports the major mesh body sizes and the top and skirt come separately if you want to mix and match with other outfits.


On Astrid…

Skin: Poema Miranda Skin – June Group Gift/250L to Join Group – Get it directly from the Group HERE
Dress: Rir Life Back Strap Padded Top with Fancy Flounced Maxi Skirt – Free June Group Gift/Group is 10L to Join

Picture Location: Cyprian Garden

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It’s no secret that for just 350L you can join the Truth VIP group and get an amazing new hair once per month. The May group gift, Fiji, with it’s stylist hud and detachable unrigged adjustable colorchange lily flower accessory was well worth the wait. It put me in a fanciful mood and made me decide to give my avatar a make over.

A fancy new skin from The Plastik and then a stop by Silvan Moon to pick up the new Montly group gift there and I had a fairy-tale look fit for any fantasy. I’ve taken a long break from roleplay but I’ve been thinking about heading back. It’s been a while since my sidhe went on adventures… this new look just might inspire me.

Gift Details…

Hair: Truth VIP Gift – Fiji (Group is 350L to Join)
Dress: Silvan Moon Designs: Peaches and Cream Dress Set Spearmint (Group is 500L to Join)

Picture Location: Cythera

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A Dangerous Light

A Dangerous Light_Budget LOTD

It’s dangerous to walk alone at night… but in roleplay that’s what makes it all the more exciting. Of course free clothes make the danger a little more fun if you have something snazzy for your favorite urban roleplay adventure that won’t break the bank!

Pick this one up!

Stop by and pick up your free group gift from EvelineInTheBox (free group join) and get this modern dress in all the standard sizes plus all the major mesh body types. It’s sure to have your heart beating fast even before you get to that dark alley way.

I paired it with some black bangles and a set of latex thigh highs from my inventory and was ready to go!

Get Astrid de Manyet’s Look —

Body: Maitreya

Head: Catwa Head – Tumble

Head Applier: Glam Affair

Hair: Truth – Ami

Bangles: Meva – Many Bangles in Black

Dress: EvelineInTheBox – Rory (Free Group Gift/Group is Free to Join)

Boots: Shey – Agnes Boots

Sim Location: New Babbage

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Darkness Falls

Darkness Falls_Budget LOTD

Dark fantasies

This 25L Tuesday sparked some dark fantasies for me… but only in good ways. I frequent a Medieval Roleplay sim called Revenland, but I usually play a goodie-two-shoes character there. My budget friendly finds today sparked my creative side, and I put together this demonic look so I could visit the Under City.

25L Tuesdays

Tuesdays are a roleplay staple in my book. You can find all kinds of beautiful ideas for filling out your roleplay wardrobe for very few lindens if you pick up the weekly list. I happened to really fancy the Melina set offered at Luas this week. There are four colors, but I picked up the silver. 25L gets you the bra, corset (which fit Maitreya and Slink Bodies) as well as an unrigged thong which you can adjust to fit. (I’m not wearing the thong but opted for a pair of black mesh pants instead.)

A Free Weapon

We ❤ RP is still going on, and as it is a birthday round, gifts abound. I picked up this axe as a free gift from Fallen Arms. You’ll get both the “hand” and “sheathed” (shown) versions as your gift. I added it to my outfit for some flair.

I’m ready to go be a little evil in my roleplay this afternoon… who knows what the roleplay will bring. But it’s bound to be interesting storytelling. And a few additions to my wardrobe never hurts!

Happy shopping!

Get Astrid de Manyet’s Look —

Body: Maitreya

Head: Catwa Head – Linda

Head Applier: Lumae – Hecate

Hair: Magika – Electricity

Horns: Plastik – Nyanva Horns // Noir

Corset & Bra: Luas – Melina Silver (25L for 25L Tuesday)

Arm Armor: Belle Epoque – Callie Armor

Axe: Fallen Arms – Um Wrath of the North Single Bladed Axe (FREE @ We ❤ RP)

Pants: Velvet Whip – from Loyra Outfit in Black

Sim Location: Revenland Medieval Roleplay Sim