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Noche gifts

“It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not.”
– Andre Gide


On Damian:

Harness: NOCHE. Gallant Suspenders – Free Gallant group gift/Group is free to join
Underwear: NOCHE. Gallant Underwear Gift – Free Gallant group gift/Group is free to join

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I love pets!

I love pets

The reason why I like cats and other pets more than most human beings: they won’t judge you. The won’t tell you how to behave and what is “normal”. They won’t look at you like you don’t belong or tell you what you should do or make you question whether your choices to be happy are right.

Cats, and dogs for that matter, they will just love you for who you are. (unless you are a total douche bag, because I admit, then my cats will just walk off and want nothing to do with you…) They don’t give a damn whether you dye you hair purple or green, as long as you are good to them.

The underwear
When I saw this little top with panties from No Cadibe, it was just something I needed to pick up and show. It’s only 10L and let’s admit it, the print is adorable. It made me smile after I had a few bad days. If you want to pick it up, be warned, the panties are actually a thong.
The sizes:

  • Freya
  • Hourglass
  • Isis
  • Maitreya
  • Physique
  • TMP
  • Venus
  • Standard XXS-L

The hair
The hair is a group gift from Little Bones. Joining the group will cost you 100L and even thought it’s worth it, they also have a completely free gift for your that Astrid has showed us here. Be sure to check out the store though, they also have a Midnight Mania and Lucky Letter board with some awesome hairstyles.

The tattoos
I have been a member of the Carol G. group for a little bit now and I really like the group gifts they give out for their members. The tattoo I’m wearing now represents the stripes of a zebra and I just love the amount of details is has on the chest and back.

Completely free stuff!
Sure, the groups will cost you something, but the nails my avatar is rocking are completely free! At the On9 event almost every creator has a gift out for this round. I saw some good stuff there and I will again probably be showing more of that.



Hair: little bones. Queen – Free group gift (Group costs 100L to join)
Top and panties: No Cabide :: I love Pets Set – 10L gift
Tattoos: [CAROL G] Zebra Tattoo – Free group gift (Group costs 150L to join)
Nails: ::SG:: Azzurra Bento Mesh Nails – Free On9 gift

Bamboo  !LTMODA! Bambu – Free 20th Vintage Gacha Fair gift

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One of my favorite people in SL is a unicorn. (Yes really!) We roleplayed together for a long time and I have special memories of that time. Now and again, he and I get together and spend time together. The first time I ever went to Luane’s Magical World… he took me there and asked me to take his picture for him for his profile by the unicorns. That seems so long ago in our blossoming friendship. A memory that still makes me smile.

I was rummaging through Marketplace and came across these Unicorn PJs for the Maitreya body for just 1L and it made me remember my friend and all our roleplay adventures! I knew I had to have them. You get the top (picture) as well as three pairs of matching panties: white (shown), pink and orange. This cute little pair of PJs is a steal for just 1L!


Outfit: Moshi Unicorn PiJama Gift for Maitreya (1L on the Marketplace)
Pose: Wrong Group Gift Pose – Free Group Gift/Free to Join

Picture Location: Luane’s Magical World