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In the army

In the army

Last week while cleaning out the attic at my old home, I found my father’s military helmet. It made me wonder what it must have been like to join the army, because all I really know is the war videos games and movies.

Funny enough, Peggy showed me this awesome outfit from Brii inspired by the game Call of Duty. I found some trunks to match and we decided to take her dollarbie motorcycle from H&C Wheels for a spin at this nice Sim she found.

I don’t have a license for that vehicle, so after almost crashing into a few fences and a wall, she thought it was better for me to just sit in the sidecar. Was all fine with me! That way I was just able to focus on my surroundings and wave at all of the strangers by the side of the road that looked at me funny. No idea why they did!


On Peggy:
Full outfit: **Brii Underground Wear** “Call of Duty Inspiration Gamer Style Complete Outfit” including the rifle and the helmet, (inner shirt not included) – 1L hunt gift for the Videogames Hunt
Hair: Ellie Hair by VALLANI – 1L at the SL Marketplace

On Damian:
Shirt: Trashed Tylar Shirt – FREE group gift (no fee to join)
Trunks: *AGATA* 2018 Trunks – FREE group gift (no fee to join)
Sunglasses: = Rebellion = Aviator sunglasses – FREE group gift (no fee to join)
Ankle bracelet: [GIld] GG Mesh leahter anklet for male – FREE group gift (no fee to join)

Motorcycle: H&C Wheels -Tag Along – 1L hunt gift for the 4 Seasons hunt

Sim location: WWII Central – Tulagi