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I visited London about a decade ago. It is a special memory in my mind. It was a brave trip as, at the time, I acted as a tour guide and took along students with me, escorted a gaggle of 16-year olds through the London Streets and also to Stonehenge and the Roman Baths. In the mornings I would get up early before my students and take walks… along about 4:30 or 5 am and that is how I discovered that they water the plants on the rooftops in the morning… I got drenched… an overflow of water poured down over upon my head. Talk about a wake up call. I had so wanted to see the Yorkshire Dales while we were there, but time had not really allowed. We were on a whirlwind tour. So when I discovered a recreation of Yorkshire in Second Life I visited… and had to stop to take a picture.

It’s Friday!

And of course it is Friday, and I couldn’t resist picking up a 50 Linden Friday Deal… specifically the pretty new Hair in special essential colors from Wasabi Pills. You’ll want to add Allegra to your hair collection as soon as you see it. And for 50L, she is certainly hard to resist!

Don’t forget Meva…

Perfect for my stop through Yorkshire is the pretty spring dress I am wearing, courtesy of Meva. It is the newest group gift offered. The group is 100L to join but there are 3 other gifts out, and Meva gives regular gifts and promotions to make up for the fee. The Belle dress does come in a Maitreya fit only.

If you get a chance, stop by Yorkshire. It’s well worth the view. ❤

On Astrid:

Hair: Wasabi Pills Allegra – 50L for 50L Friday
Dress: Meva Belle Dress – Free Group Gift/Group is 100L to join – Maitreya size only

Picture Location: Yorkshire