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Dangerous duo

Dangerous duo

It’s been a while since the dangerous duo got together for a picture… and we found a moment this morning to spend some time together after hunting down a couple of pretty cool gifts.

I have been away for a while, and life has been keeping me busy, but that didn’t stop Damian from snagging me up for a dance at a club and then finding a quiet corner for a snug and a picture.

The awesome shirt that you see Astrid wearing comes in the following sizes:

  • Maitreya
  • TMP
  • Freya, Isis, Venus
  • Hourglass & Physique
  • Curvy & Fine
  • Standard Sizes

Damian is wearing an outfit from Bakaboo, another gift for the L’Homme group. This comes in the sizes:

  • Adam
  • Altamura
  • Belleza Jake
  • Signature
  • Slink



On Astrid:
Shirt: .:* LOULOU&CO *:. – Shirt :: AMBUJA :: Tropical Free Women Only Hunt gift

On Damian:
Outfit: Bakaboo – Statement Vest and Shorts – Free L’Homme Gift (Group is free to join)

Background: Anxiety integer2 – Free Group Gift (Group is free to join)

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So many gifts!

So many gifts 1

My friend Peggy is really good at hunting down all of the fun gifts, so I am lucky that she offers to help me on a regular basis.

Today we put together some characters that would be like water and fire. Peggy looks kind of demonic, with a set of awesome horns free from IMMODEST to complete her look and my avatar is showing off some pretty wings that I found for free at the Gacha Life Event.

So many gifts 2

At Fable 3 pretty much every creator has a 10L special out. The hair on the winged one was one of them, it’s from .Escalated. and it has some mini huds with fun colors to choose from, like Ombre and Dip-dye. It also has a version with snowflakes.

And even though we look like total opposites in the picture, we did not have a fight after the photoshoot or started the apocalypse, don’t worry!


On Peggy:

Hair: Olive Stephanie Hair – Free Lucky Board gift (No group required)
Top: Oubliette Hamsa T-neck – Free group gift (Group is free to join)
Pants: [Eclectique] Black Beauty  – Free group gift (Group 25L to join)
Belt: [HB] Design Belly chain  – Free group gift (Group is free to join)
Horns: IMMODEST Broken Atlas Horns  – Free Women Only Hunt gift
Eyeshadow: LEPUNK Siana Eyeshadow – Free group gift (Group is free to join)
Lipstick: Le gene Lesly Lipstick pack #3  – Free gift for Gacha Garden Event
Choker: Little Fox Lust choker – Free Output Event gift
Sandals: +Psycho Barbie+ Skull flats – Free Women Only Hunt gift

Pose: <K&S> Hey. Hey. Bento pose – Free group gift (Group is free to join)

On Damian:

Hair: .Escalated. Virginie Hair – 10L Fable 3 Event special
Wraith: LAGON – Firefly Headband – Free Frog Prince Hunt gift
Face lilies: Snowpaws – Lily Pad Mask – Free Frog Prince Hunt gift
Necklace: Candy Crunchers – dangle necklace silver – Free Women Only Hunt gift
Dress: ello. Tiana Dress – Pink – 10L Fable 3 Event special
Wings: LMagnums Clothier Warrior Wings – Rainbow – Free Gacha Life Event gift
Ring: Dahlia – Bayou – Evangeline – Firefly Ring Set – Free Frog Prince Hunt gift

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Hooray for hunts

Hooray for hunts

The Women Only Hunt and Men Only Hunt have started last Saturday and so I have been collecting coconuts and mustaches. Unpacking all the free gifts felt like it was Christmas, I was exited like a kid opening their presents.

The hair
Love is a store that is new for me. For their free hunt gift they gave away this lovely hair. It is comes in a rigged and resize version, plus it is a fatpack with several huds so you have a wide variety of hair colors.

The dress
I’m usually not very interested in dresses, but this one from 1313 really stood out to me for some reason. It has a certain cute factor, it comes with a little harness and it has nice details. It comes for Maitreya bodies only



Hair: Love [Over The Rainbow] – Free Women Only Hunt gift
Dress: 1313 Tamra Dress – Roses – Free Women Only Hunt gift
Shoes: Essenz – Istanbul – Free Women Only Hunt gift

Pose: HERA – WOH5 Mini Bento Pose Set – Free Women Only Hunt gift

Picture location: Eri Ador, Mystical Kingdom